What Week Was This?

But actually, I don’t remember what week this was…

Oh well, all I know is that I now have a week off.

This week was a lot of work, but pretty fun! The Radio Show was obviously the biggest part of this week, but it was a good project. Like most sane people, I usually hate doing group projects and end up feeling like good ole Leslie here.

So, coming into this project I wasn’t very optimistic. Let me just tell you about how wrong I was. My group was awesome!! Everyone contributed and made it work for all of us to be able to meet up and get it all done.

Anyway, here’s my blog post summarizing this week’s process for the radio show: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/radio-show/week-2-process-final-radio-show/
And here’s the final product:

Another aspect of this week was to once again comment on 10 other posts. Here are all of the places I commented:
2. http://www.stephaniebwhite.com/the-daily-create/the-daily-create-are-you-up-for-some-emojiination/#comment-251
3. http://umwteaching4tomorrow.com/daily-creates/blue-and-orange-blue-and-orange/#comment-156
4. http://mboleis.com/weekly-summaries/back-to-clam-digging-for-a-week/#comment-252
5. http://www.lesyamel.com/ds106/this-could-be-important/#comment-1707
6. http://umwlaurenfalkens.com/daily-create/emojinations/#comment-214
7. http://www.thejota.com/ds106/im-feeling-blue-and-orange/#comment-14736
8. http://rhilaluman.com/daily-creates/daily-creates-week-7/#comment-43
9. http://landonepp.com/daily-create/blue-jack/#comment-166
10. http://sgrubbs2.com/weekly-summaries/week-seven-summary/#comment-290

The final task of the week was to do 3 Daily Creates! Here are the one’s I did this week:

1. Here’s the blog post about it. And here’s my drawing:

DS106 SpaceShip

2. Here’s my blog post. And here’s my photo:

Heel Concept

3. My final Daily Create for the week was pretty tough. Here’s my blog post about it. And here’s my trailer:

Well DS106-ers, I hope everyone gets to relax after this week and that everyone has a great “spring” break!!

But despite the snow that’s still outside, I think we could all use a good break…

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