Week 11

Another week down. Here’s the wrap-up:

Make our agency present on the web:
Headline Crime is officially in business. http://headlinecrime.christineloehr.org/Agency/
Creating the subdomain was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. However, Scott and I are still working out the kinks of our website and advancing it to where we want it to be.

10 stars of assignments (5 web, 5 media of our choice)
1. “Storify It” worth 2 stars. Assignment Guidelines.
Blog Post.

2. “Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest!” worth 3 stars. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-your-dream-vacation-on-pinterest/
Blog Post.

3. “Hybrid” worth 3 stars. Assignment Guidelines.
Blog Post.

4. “Greetings From DS106″ worth 2 and 1/2 stars. Assignment Guidelines.
Blog Post.

Daily Creates (2):
1. We had to save Noddy. Blog Post.
2. Umbrella Photo. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/umbrella-photo/ tdc1183

Commenting: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/lenameyers/comments-comments-and-more-comments/

1. http://www.dalinabeckham.com/ds106/character-resume/#comment-17253

2. http://i-am-think-will.com/ds-106-assignments/noddy-in-paris-and-maggie-blacks-b-day/#comment-219

3. http://slhendo.com/weekly-summaries/if-only-we-wish-hard-enough/#comment-1365

4. http://ds106blog.missmoonstarsun.com/assignments/web/my-dream-vacation-3-stars/#comment-272

5. http://lifebysavanna.com/andrea-may-carr-character/welcome-to-the-agency/#comment-315

6. http://www.cheyannemckinney.com/blog/daily/daily-create-7/#comment-351

7. http://www.philipdorch.com/daily-create/daily-creates-5/#comment-137

8. http://seeinggainz.com/assignments/what-a-pinteresting-thought/#comment-205

9. http://sgrubbs2.com/daily-create/umbrella-in-the-sun/#comment-1138

10. http://www.thejota.com/ds106/creating-daily-creates-daily-week-11/#comment-17729

Also, my group never posted our video show last week due to scheduling errors. We got an extension cleared with the head honchos, but here’s the final product. Enjoy!

I’m so happy this week was fairly simple for DS106. And I’m even happier that this hell week is over. Here’s a quick snapshot of my professors last week. Enjoy.

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