Time Flies (Week 2 Down)

How is the second week of school coming to an end? This semester is already starting to go by so quick!

This week in digital storytelling, we focused on noir literature and writing. After beginning the week by reading three different pieces of noir literature, I was in the mind set for all of the writing and creating we had to do this week. I liked that all of the readings started to make the themes of noir very clear. The mystery, murders, and the crooks trying to get away were very present in all the stories. Here’s the link to my reflection on the readings:

I created my first character after reading these stories as well. Her name is Lena and I tried to make her mysterious, but don’t think I succeeded. At least now I know what I have to work on! Here’s the link to the post introducing my character:

Another part of this week that I enjoyed was the introduction of The Daily Create. I think it’s a great idea to do just a little something creative everyday. A lot of the things I had never even thought about doing (especially yodeling) but I did it anyway! And plus my roommates thought it was hilarious. Here are all three of the links to my daily creates:
1. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/the-daily-create/ and also found at

2. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/the-daily-create-2/ and can also be found at IMG_3346

3. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/the-daily-create-12515/ and also found at IMG_1146

Something challenging this week was customizing my blog. As I put in my summary from last week, I am not very good with computers, so things like this will always be tough. I’m still not exactly sure if I’ve done everything that I need to do for it, but I do know that I like how it looks and I like how functional it is!
Something else tough about this week was just school and life all catching up at the same time. I’ve been very sick for the past two weeks and finally went to the doctor just the other day. Turns out I have a viral infection, but was told there’s no medicine they could give me besides Sudafed and some Mucinex. So between trying to get as much rest as possible and trying to stay on top of all my classes, everything got a little jumbled. So what I learned is that I need to be accountable for my work with this class, and this was my week to learn that.

Another very large portion of the work this week was to complete writing assignments from the assignment bank. Below are the links to the four different writing assignments from this week:
1. “Write An Alternative Ending” (required; worth 3 points): http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/how-does-that-ending-go-2/

2. “Haiku Recipe” (worth 3 points): http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/haiku-recipe/

3. “Tell Us About Your Future Life!” (worth 3 points): http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/remember-that-time-i-was-in-a-textbook/

4. “Data Of The Dead” (written from the standpoint of my character of the week, Lena; worth 3 points): http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/data-of-the-dead-as-lena-meyers/

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