Another Week Down

Well Audio week is officially over in DS106! This was an interesting week and it was definitely very challenging. Here’s the week in review.

First up was to think about what exactly audio storytelling is. This was done by reviewing old readings, videos, or stories and reflecting upon how important audio is to paint a picture and convey emotion. Here’s the link to my reflection:

Another aspect of this week was to complete 8 points worth of audio assignments from the assignment. Here are my assignments from the week:
1. “Reverse Audio Quiz” worth 2 and a half points. The assignment can be found here:

2. “Make It 800% Slower” worth 3 points. Here’s the assignment link:

3.”Sounds Of Your Day” worth 3 points. This is the assignment link:

Another aspect of this week was 2 required audio assignments. They’re listed below
1. “Sound Effects Story” was completed from the viewpoint of my character, Lena. The instructions can be found at:

2. “Create a DS106 Radio Bumper” and the assignment can be found at:

Also this week, it was required to complete 2 Daily Creates. Here are the two I decided to complete:
1.This Daily Create was to create a picture with words based around the them “I’m Sorry.” Here’s the photo I created:puppy tdc
2. This Daily Create was to caption a photo of an adorable little puppy. Here’s what I made:IMG_1226

One of the final tasks of the week was to think of possible ideas for a radio show. This was tough to do because of the length of the show and figuring out something that would fill the entire time. However, I thought of a few ideas that sounded interesting to me. Here’s the link to the post I created with these thoughts and ideas:

That’s all of the logistical kind of stuff for this week, and now for how I’m feeling about all of it. I’m just going to be honest, I absolutely hate audio editing. This was the most difficult week by far because I could not figure out Audacity. I eventually got a handle of the basics of the program, but it was still really tough for me. Another frustrating aspect of this week was uploading the sounds and assignments I created onto soundcloud. Little did I know that there was an upload limit on soundcloud. After completing my “Make It 800% Slower” assignment, I went to upload it onto my soundcloud account. I then discovered that there was an upload limit and since I exceeded that limit, soundcloud took all of my other sounds off of my account. I was not able to get them all back on my account even after deleting the 800% slowed down song so I needed to make a new account. After all of that happening this week, I am so happy to have a break from audio.
However, not everything was bad this week! The thing that I liked most this week was by far the radio show live tweet along! That was so awesome. I didn’t think I was going to like it at all, but I was very wrong (Kudos to Bond for setting it all up). I liked being able to connect with so many other people in this course and reading their thoughts and opinions. The stories were also amazing and really got me thinking about ideas for a radio show.

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