Week 11

Another week down. Here’s the wrap-up:

Make our agency present on the web:
Headline Crime is officially in business. http://headlinecrime.christineloehr.org/Agency/
Creating the subdomain was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. However, Scott and I are still working out the kinks of our website and advancing it to where we want it to be.

10 stars of assignments (5 web, 5 media of our choice)
1. “Storify It” worth 2 stars. Assignment Guidelines.
Blog Post.

2. “Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest!” worth 3 stars. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-your-dream-vacation-on-pinterest/
Blog Post.

3. “Hybrid” worth 3 stars. Assignment Guidelines.
Blog Post.

4. “Greetings From DS106″ worth 2 and 1/2 stars. Assignment Guidelines.
Blog Post.

Daily Creates (2):
1. We had to save Noddy. Blog Post.
2. Umbrella Photo. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/umbrella-photo/ tdc1183

Commenting: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/lenameyers/comments-comments-and-more-comments/

1. http://www.dalinabeckham.com/ds106/character-resume/#comment-17253

2. http://i-am-think-will.com/ds-106-assignments/noddy-in-paris-and-maggie-blacks-b-day/#comment-219

3. http://slhendo.com/weekly-summaries/if-only-we-wish-hard-enough/#comment-1365

4. http://ds106blog.missmoonstarsun.com/assignments/web/my-dream-vacation-3-stars/#comment-272

5. http://lifebysavanna.com/andrea-may-carr-character/welcome-to-the-agency/#comment-315

6. http://www.cheyannemckinney.com/blog/daily/daily-create-7/#comment-351

7. http://www.philipdorch.com/daily-create/daily-creates-5/#comment-137

8. http://seeinggainz.com/assignments/what-a-pinteresting-thought/#comment-205

9. http://sgrubbs2.com/daily-create/umbrella-in-the-sun/#comment-1138

10. http://www.thejota.com/ds106/creating-daily-creates-daily-week-11/#comment-17729

Also, my group never posted our video show last week due to scheduling errors. We got an extension cleared with the head honchos, but here’s the final product. Enjoy!

I’m so happy this week was fairly simple for DS106. And I’m even happier that this hell week is over. Here’s a quick snapshot of my professors last week. Enjoy.

Week 10: Over & Out

This past week was a little crazy. I had a really busy schedule and then yesterday I had one of my good friend’s wedding to go to!

Here’s my work for Noir 106 this week:

Video Progress:
Here’s the trailer for our show:


3 Daily Creates:
1. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/15-30-second-batman/

2. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/motivational-poster/

3. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/i-made-art/


Final Unit Choice:

Excited to get this last section underway!! Summer is right around the corner!

Week 9: Done

Week 9 was quite a week. We’re getting so close to finals and summer that it’s making me nervous.

One part of this week that’s a usual task is Daily Create. This week, we had to do 2. Here are mine:
1. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/mail-art/ tdc1165
2. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/arty-blur-photo/ tdc1166

Next up was to do a final reflection of our radio show. All in all, I loved this assignment and loved being able to listen to it live and hear listeners’ reactions. Click on this link to read my radio show final reflection.

Next up was to listen to another night of radio shows. I listened to “Dinner Party At 6″ and “Noir Buzz.” These were two really well done shows! Here’s my post about the radio show listen & tweet along.

Now, delving into video week! We had two options for these two weeks (1. do assignments from the bank, or 2. make a video show with other characters). I decided to do a video show with Landon Epperly and Jack Eaton (aka Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick and El Jota Dinero). For this first week ,we just had to write out game plan and then make a trailer for our video. Here’s our trailer:

And last but certainly not least, was the video essay. Honestly when I saw those two words together I literally cringed. “Video Essay.” Two of my least favorite things to make. So, needless to say, I wasn’t excited about this assignment…but sometimes that’s just how life works. It ended up not being as bad as I thought. After reading “How To Read A Movie” and then watching the following 3 videos, I realized how little I knew about video production and how much goes into it. Here are the 3 video I watched:



Here is my write up on my video essay: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/video-essay/
Here’s my final video essay:

Week 10, here we come!

Week 8 Down

This week I listened to DS 106 Radio on Thursday. “NOIR Not The Father” and “NOIRTalk” were on that night. Both of the shows were phenomenal! Here’s my write-up about both of them: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/radio-show/ds106-radio-listen-along/

The next task for the week was to submit 4 different pieces of work on the DS106 IN[SPIRE] page.
1. The first one I did was by Shannon Grubbs. Here’s my blog post containing both her original and my inspiration post: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/thoughts-and-ideas/inspire/
2. The second inspiration I did was by Kathy Onarheim. Here’s my blog post containing both her original and my inspiration post: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/thoughts-and-ideas/another-inspiration/
3. The third one I did was by Brian Christiansen. Here’s my blog post containing both his original and my inspiration post: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/thoughts-and-ideas/inspiration-3/
4. My final inspiration post for the week was on Brian Goulet’s work. Here’s my blog post containing both his original and my inspiration post: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/thoughts-and-ideas/final-inspiration/

The third task of the week was to complete 10 stars of Collaborative Character Media Assignments.
1. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/el-jota/ Worth: 3 points. Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.38.13 PM
2. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/destination-honeymoon/ Worth: 3 points. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10fHg8QdZ-yOywbPEHKi4faC37d96GiEhVd_Rv158CGI/edit?usp=sharing
3. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/ds106-wallpaper/ Worth: 3 points. IMG_0580 copy

Another aspect of this week was to create social media for my character, Lena Meyers.
Gmail: hostlenameyers@gmail.com
Twitter: @lenameyers_

Here’s my 10 comments for the week:
1. http://www.mariamk.com/daily-create/make-your-dot-make-your-mark-drawing/#comment-383
2. http://janellegelino.com/assignments/audio-assignment-soundboard-conversation-4pts-fifty-shades-of-hallmark/#comment-616
3. http://mayds106.com/assignment-bank-tasks/admitting-my-guilty-pleasure-in-slowmo/#comment-112
4. http://adventuresofm.org/daily-creates/the-grooms-man/#comment-201
5. http://konarheim.com/daily-create/racoon-attack-of-the-turkey/#comment-97
6. http://calabashnebula.com/assignments/watching-from-the-background/#comment-229
7. http://ds106blog.missmoonstarsun.com/daily-creates/my-different-sides/#comment-141
8. http://www.thejota.com/ds106/lena-meyers/#comment-15706
9. http://landonepp.com/assignments/lena-meyers/#comments
10. http://sgrubbs2.com/uncategorized/where-is-the-error/#comment-591

The final aspect of the week was to do 3 Daily Creates. Here are mine:
1. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/my-different-sides/
My Different Sides
2. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/my-favorite-this-past-week/
Daily Create 1158
3. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/i-hope-you-lol-at-this/

This was definitely a long week, but I’m ready to just roll through the rest of the semester!

What Week Was This?

But actually, I don’t remember what week this was…

Oh well, all I know is that I now have a week off.

This week was a lot of work, but pretty fun! The Radio Show was obviously the biggest part of this week, but it was a good project. Like most sane people, I usually hate doing group projects and end up feeling like good ole Leslie here.

So, coming into this project I wasn’t very optimistic. Let me just tell you about how wrong I was. My group was awesome!! Everyone contributed and made it work for all of us to be able to meet up and get it all done.

Anyway, here’s my blog post summarizing this week’s process for the radio show: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/radio-show/week-2-process-final-radio-show/
And here’s the final product:

Another aspect of this week was to once again comment on 10 other posts. Here are all of the places I commented:
2. http://www.stephaniebwhite.com/the-daily-create/the-daily-create-are-you-up-for-some-emojiination/#comment-251
3. http://umwteaching4tomorrow.com/daily-creates/blue-and-orange-blue-and-orange/#comment-156
4. http://mboleis.com/weekly-summaries/back-to-clam-digging-for-a-week/#comment-252
5. http://www.lesyamel.com/ds106/this-could-be-important/#comment-1707
6. http://umwlaurenfalkens.com/daily-create/emojinations/#comment-214
7. http://www.thejota.com/ds106/im-feeling-blue-and-orange/#comment-14736
8. http://rhilaluman.com/daily-creates/daily-creates-week-7/#comment-43
9. http://landonepp.com/daily-create/blue-jack/#comment-166
10. http://sgrubbs2.com/weekly-summaries/week-seven-summary/#comment-290

The final task of the week was to do 3 Daily Creates! Here are the one’s I did this week:

1. Here’s the blog post about it. And here’s my drawing:

DS106 SpaceShip

2. Here’s my blog post. And here’s my photo:

Heel Concept

3. My final Daily Create for the week was pretty tough. Here’s my blog post about it. And here’s my trailer:

Well DS106-ers, I hope everyone gets to relax after this week and that everyone has a great “spring” break!!

But despite the snow that’s still outside, I think we could all use a good break…

Week 6 Breakdown

Another week down…here’s the wrap-up:

This week was the starting week of our radio shows! Here’s the blog post I wrote narrating my week 1 process and progress with my group: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/radio-show/week-1-processprogress/

Another task this week was to create a promo poster/ad for our radio show. This was tough in the sense that I didn’t know what our radio show was going to be about yet, so I had to try and make it very general. Here’s the blog post about my promo: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/radio-show/ds106-radio-promo-poster/ And here is the promo itself: DS106 Radio Promo

Also this week, we had to tune into ds106 radio again for a live-tweet along. I love these things! Shoutout to Bond again for setting all this up because it’s probably been my favorite part of this class. It’s such an easy way to connect with other students while also learning more about what can go into a noir radio show. This week gave me so many ideas for our radio show! Also, I’m pretty sure I gained like 10 new followers that night, always a plus.

Below are some of the places I’ve been commenting this week:
1. http://jcpdigitalstorytelling.com/assignments/slow-down-there/
2. http://landonepp.com/daily-create/food-create/#comments
3. http://briannecomden34.com/assignments/lets-take-things-slow/#comment-94
4. http://www.phoenixtakesflight.com/thoughts-and-ideas/our-radio-poster-the-noir-buzz/#comment-6111
5. http://www.storytelling.abigaildunn.org/noirblog/ds/calebs-theme/#comment-32
6. http://thedarktimes.chelseairizarry.org/assignments/shadows-theme-song/#comment-76
7. http://ds106.steverechter.com/audio-assignments/scoring-800-percent/#comment-54
8. http://www.tylerdaig.com/Blog/assignments/audio/song-reversed/#comment-70
9. http://landonepp.com/assignments/corner-pockets-theme-song/#comment-126
10. http://kkeelee.com/assignment/your-theme-song/#comment-134

Here are my Audio Assignments for the week. A total of 10 points needed to be completed and at least 5 points needed to be focused on my character, Lena. Assignments 2 & 3 below are written as Lena.:
1. “Favorite Song” worth 1 and a half stars. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/favorite-song/

2. “Sounds Of Your Day” worth 3 stars. Completed as my character, Lena. Here’s the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/sounds-of-your-day/ Here’s my blog post: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/what-did-i-hear-today/ And here’s the audio:

3. “Dramatic Reading Remix” worth 3 and a half stars. Completed as my character, Lena. Here’s my blog post on it: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/dramatic-reading-remix-2/ Here’s the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/dramatic-reading-remix/ Here’s the dramatic reading:

4. “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” worth 2 stars. Here’s my blog post: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/cant-get-it-out-of-my-head/ Here’s the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/cant-get-it-out-of-my-head/ Here’s the soundcloud clip:

What a week it has been and what a week it will be.

Goodbye Week 5

Well this week has been a huge challenge. I didn’t really understand what “design” was. After learning more and more about it, I was wondering why we didn’t do design for the first week of this class. It just seems like everything we’ve done up to this point would have benefited from the knowledge I gained this week…but that’s just my two cents. Here’s the run down from the week:

The first assignment of the week was “Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon.” This was an interesting article to read because I didn’t really know what to expect for this week. This was a good way to kick it off. Here’s my blog post reviewing the article: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/thoughts-and-ideas/the-vignelli-canon-review/

Next up for this week was to watch a film. I decided to watch “Double Indemnity” by Billy Wilder. It was a pretty good storyline and an actual well thought out murder compared to some of the other murder stories we’ve heard/read this semester. Aside from the actually story though, I liked how the film was directed. There were a lot of design elements that were concept options for the Design Blitz that I saw throughout the film. Here’s my blog post about “Double Indemnity” http://ds106.christineloehr.org/thoughts-and-ideas/double-indemnity/

The Design Blitz was the next assignment on the list. Our task was to review the concepts on this page and take photos throughout the week that we can use as examples for the different elements. Below, I have the link to my entire blog post for the assignment as well as the photos that I used:
Blog post: design-blitz
Pictures: Campus
Obici House
Blueberry Cheesecake
Sky & Glare

The next task on the list was to complete 3 Daily Creates this week. This week was a pretty good week for daily creates and they were fun! Below are the links to my blog posts from my 3 this week:
1. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/i-am-picasso/
2. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/superpowers-sure-ill-take-one/
3. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/arcade-games/

Next up was the infamous assignment bank task. This week was 12 stars worth of assignments with at least 6 dedicated to our noir character:
1. The first assignment I decided to complete was titled “Professor Groom Poster” and it’s worth 4 and a half stars. Here’s the link to the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/professor-groom-poster/ Here’s my blog post narrating my experience with this assignment: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/did-you-know-professor-groom-was-the-bachelor/ And here’s the Flickr page containing the final product: Jim Groom The Bachelor
2. The second assignment I completed is titled “Cartoon You” and it’s worth 3 and a half stars. Here’s the link to the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/cartoon-you/ Here’s the blog post narrating my experience: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/cartoon-me/ And here’s the Flickr page that has my final cartoon that I created: Cartoon Me
3. This assignment was completed from the point of my character. It is titled “Motivational Poster” and is worth 3 points. Here’s the link to the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/motivational-poster/ Here’s my blog post narrating the completion of this assignment: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/mid-semester-motivation/ And last but not least, here’s the actual poster I created: Motivational Poster
4. My final assignment was also completed from the viewpoint of my character, Lena. It is titled “Pokemon Card” and is worth 3 stars. Here’s the link to the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/pokemon-card/ Here’s the link to my blog post about it: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/lena-the-pokemon/ And here’s a picture of the Pokemon card I created for Lena: Pokemon Card

The final assignment for this week was to inform myself about Copyright & Creative Commons. This was very interesting to me because I knew so little about all of this before reading the required articles. Basically what I got out of it is that if I want my creative work to be shared with the public I’m the one who needs to allow it. I want my work to be able to inspire others to create something, so why not make it shareable? Here’s my blog post talking about what I learned: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/thoughts-and-ideas/copyright-creative-commons/

Overall, I had a lot to learn this week. Not that I didn’t necessarily enjoy it, but I just felt overwhelmed with how much new stuff I was learning. It’s sometimes hard to keep it all straight when you’re trying to absorb a ton of new information. But now it’s over and I’m ready to jump into week 6.

Another Week Down

Well Audio week is officially over in DS106! This was an interesting week and it was definitely very challenging. Here’s the week in review.

First up was to think about what exactly audio storytelling is. This was done by reviewing old readings, videos, or stories and reflecting upon how important audio is to paint a picture and convey emotion. Here’s the link to my reflection: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/audio-reflection/

Another aspect of this week was to complete 8 points worth of audio assignments from the assignment. Here are my assignments from the week:
1. “Reverse Audio Quiz” worth 2 and a half points. The assignment can be found here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/reverse-audio-quiz-2/

2. “Make It 800% Slower” worth 3 points. Here’s the assignment link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/make-it-800-slower/

3.”Sounds Of Your Day” worth 3 points. This is the assignment link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/sounds-of-your-day/

Another aspect of this week was 2 required audio assignments. They’re listed below
1. “Sound Effects Story” was completed from the viewpoint of my character, Lena. The instructions can be found at: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/sound-effects-story/

2. “Create a DS106 Radio Bumper” and the assignment can be found at: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/creat-a-ds106-radio-bumper/

Also this week, it was required to complete 2 Daily Creates. Here are the two I decided to complete:
1.This Daily Create was to create a picture with words based around the them “I’m Sorry.” Here’s the photo I created:puppy tdc
2. This Daily Create was to caption a photo of an adorable little puppy. Here’s what I made:IMG_1226

One of the final tasks of the week was to think of possible ideas for a radio show. This was tough to do because of the length of the show and figuring out something that would fill the entire time. However, I thought of a few ideas that sounded interesting to me. Here’s the link to the post I created with these thoughts and ideas: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/thoughts-and-ideas/an-idea-for-a-radio-show/

That’s all of the logistical kind of stuff for this week, and now for how I’m feeling about all of it. I’m just going to be honest, I absolutely hate audio editing. This was the most difficult week by far because I could not figure out Audacity. I eventually got a handle of the basics of the program, but it was still really tough for me. Another frustrating aspect of this week was uploading the sounds and assignments I created onto soundcloud. Little did I know that there was an upload limit on soundcloud. After completing my “Make It 800% Slower” assignment, I went to upload it onto my soundcloud account. I then discovered that there was an upload limit and since I exceeded that limit, soundcloud took all of my other sounds off of my account. I was not able to get them all back on my account even after deleting the 800% slowed down song so I needed to make a new account. After all of that happening this week, I am so happy to have a break from audio.
However, not everything was bad this week! The thing that I liked most this week was by far the radio show live tweet along! That was so awesome. I didn’t think I was going to like it at all, but I was very wrong (Kudos to Bond for setting it all up). I liked being able to connect with so many other people in this course and reading their thoughts and opinions. The stories were also amazing and really got me thinking about ideas for a radio show.

TGIS (Thank God It’s Sunday)

I am overjoyed that this week is finally coming to an end. It was definitely a rough one. After just getting over a two week sickness, one of my roommates came home and said she went to the doctor and definitely has the flu…good thing I had a weakened immune system (not really a good thing). So with that being said, this was a tough week to get all of my work done.

I began this week with doing a photo reflection. I wrote a post about it which can be read at this link: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/photo-reflection/
My biggest take away from this first task was from one of the resources we were supposed to look over which can be read at: http://ds106.us/open-course/unit-5-visual-storytelling/#becoming-better-photographers

The next part of this week included watching two films. I watched “Killer’s Kiss” and “He Walked By Night.” Both of them were pretty good, but I definitely enjoyed “He Walked By Night” more than “Killer’s Kiss.” These two films both had characteristics that made it easy to determine that they were noir films. We had to write a reflection on noir and visual storytelling after watching these films. My reflection can be found at: http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/reflect-on-noir-and-visual-storytelling/

Next up was our task to complete a photo safari through our Flickr accounts. This included posting 5 or more photos with aspects of noir being portrayed. These aspects could be any of the following:
1. dramatic use of distinct shadows
2. lighting from one side
3. off-kilter or unusual camera angle/framing
4. the “Venetian blind” effect — using some repeating geometric shadow across a shot
5. sense of drama and/or moodiness
6. characters captured in a tableau suggesting an intense, fraught moment
7. urban nightscapes
8. the grittiness of built environment (building, streets, etc.)
9. a NoirCat
Here are the photos I posted this week for my noir safari:











The next task on the list was to complete 3 Daily Creates this week. This week had some weird ones, but it was still fun to get me thinking differently. I think that my favorite one this week was the second one I completed. It was to make a sculpture out of a sheet of paper. I knew that it would be challenging but once I actually did it I felt extremely accomplished. My three daily creates can be found at the following links:
1. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/daily-create-puppies-2048/ Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.25.55 PM

2. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/daily-create-paper-sculpture/ IMG_1191

3. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/daily-create/drawing-without-lifting-the-pencil/ IMG_1217

Next up was choosing assignments from the Assignment Bank. 10 points in total were needed this week with 5 going specifically towards my character, Lena. I have listed by assignments below with the titles, the links they can be found at, the point values, and the link to my work on them.

1. “Word Cloud” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/word-cloud/ Worth 1 point. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/word-cloud/

2. “Unsuspecting Friends” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/unsuspecting-friends/ Worth 2 points. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/unsuspecting-friends/

3. “What’s In Your Bag?” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/whats-in-your-bag/ Worth 3 points (required from the view of our character). http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/whats-in-lenas-bag/

4. “Demotivate Yourself!” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/demotivate-yourself/ Worth 2 points (written from the view of my character). http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/demotivating-myself-written-as-lena/

5. “Newspaper Blackout Poetry” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/newspaper-blackout-poetry/ Worth 3 points. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/newspaper-blackout-poetry/

(I think I actually went over the 10 points on accident…whoops!)

The final task on our list was to organize our blog. This was by far the most stressful part of the week for me. I could not figure out how to set up categories and a side bar for the life of me. But after making a visit to Prof. Groom I felt at ease. He made it seem so simple and actually showed me how to do it. I am extremely thankful that he’s willing to work with everyone and understands that not everyone is good at maneuvering the Internet.

So after a very long week in the life of Christine, I am happy to finally be finishing it. Sorry this post is so late but life just got in the way this week and there was nothing I could really do about it.

Time Flies (Week 2 Down)

How is the second week of school coming to an end? This semester is already starting to go by so quick!

This week in digital storytelling, we focused on noir literature and writing. After beginning the week by reading three different pieces of noir literature, I was in the mind set for all of the writing and creating we had to do this week. I liked that all of the readings started to make the themes of noir very clear. The mystery, murders, and the crooks trying to get away were very present in all the stories. Here’s the link to my reflection on the readings:

I created my first character after reading these stories as well. Her name is Lena and I tried to make her mysterious, but don’t think I succeeded. At least now I know what I have to work on! Here’s the link to the post introducing my character:

Another part of this week that I enjoyed was the introduction of The Daily Create. I think it’s a great idea to do just a little something creative everyday. A lot of the things I had never even thought about doing (especially yodeling) but I did it anyway! And plus my roommates thought it was hilarious. Here are all three of the links to my daily creates:
1. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/the-daily-create/ and also found at

2. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/the-daily-create-2/ and can also be found at IMG_3346

3. http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/the-daily-create-12515/ and also found at IMG_1146

Something challenging this week was customizing my blog. As I put in my summary from last week, I am not very good with computers, so things like this will always be tough. I’m still not exactly sure if I’ve done everything that I need to do for it, but I do know that I like how it looks and I like how functional it is!
Something else tough about this week was just school and life all catching up at the same time. I’ve been very sick for the past two weeks and finally went to the doctor just the other day. Turns out I have a viral infection, but was told there’s no medicine they could give me besides Sudafed and some Mucinex. So between trying to get as much rest as possible and trying to stay on top of all my classes, everything got a little jumbled. So what I learned is that I need to be accountable for my work with this class, and this was my week to learn that.

Another very large portion of the work this week was to complete writing assignments from the assignment bank. Below are the links to the four different writing assignments from this week:
1. “Write An Alternative Ending” (required; worth 3 points): http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/how-does-that-ending-go-2/

2. “Haiku Recipe” (worth 3 points): http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/haiku-recipe/

3. “Tell Us About Your Future Life!” (worth 3 points): http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/remember-that-time-i-was-in-a-textbook/

4. “Data Of The Dead” (written from the standpoint of my character of the week, Lena; worth 3 points): http://ds106.christineloehr.org/uncategorized/data-of-the-dead-as-lena-meyers/