Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling

At the beginning of this week, we were supposed to watch 2 noir movies to get us in the mindset of visual storytelling with noir characteristics. Watching “Killer’s Kiss” was required and I chose to watch “He Walked By Night” along with it. Here’s the breakdown:

1. First up is “Killer’s Kiss.” This movie had all of the aesthetics of something noir. From a popular boxer being defeated, to a girl running from an unwanted lover, sneaking around and trying to leave town, and eventually running from the cops and each other. The main characters are all displayed very well and their noir characters came through well throughout the film. The two still shots I took from the movie displayed noir scenes very well. The first is of the “bad guy” with the venetian blinds shade while holding a glass of alcohol. The second still is a landscape shot that shows the grittiness of the buildings and the eeriness in the air.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.05.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.37.17 PM

2. “He Walked By Night” was the second film that I watched this night. I liked this one a lot more than “Killer’s Kiss.” I liked that this was a film where the audience knew the final answer but not all the details while the characters in the movie were still very clueless. It gives the audience a lot of variation to fill in the cracks that aren’t filled in for us. The two stills that I chose from the movie displayed noir by the lighting and angles. Since this film was available for free online, it definitely affected the quality of the stills that I took…so bear with me on this. The first is of the overview setting of the neighborhood that the killer supposedly lives in. It is dark, gritty, and eerie. The second still is of a dark figure through a doorway. The contrasted qualities of the photo make it extremely mysterious and suspenseful.