Video Show Plan

For this week and next week, Landon Epperly, Jack Eaton, and I chose to do option 2 and make a video show with our characters. We will be continuing the story that we started with our radio show. (if you haven’t listened to it, you really should…just sayin’). Here’s our radio show:

I obviously can’t tell you the exact plan we have written out because then you wouldn’t need to watch our video to find out. But I can tell you that there is one big twist that you will not see coming. Some of you that listened to our show on DS106 Radio made guesses about what’s going to happen next or why Lena married Jota and I hope that our video provides you with answers to your questions.

Landon, Jack, and I haven’t picked a day that we’re going to shoot the majority of the film yet, but we know what props we need and what kind of locations we need to utilize. Jack and I met on Saturday morning to get it all laid out and to make our trailer. Unfortunately, Landon had to make an unexpected trip home this weekend, but after Jack and I tossed some ideas around, we had a Google Hangout with Landon and included him in the process. We’re so excited for you guys to (hopefully) watch our show! Here’s the trailer: