The Daily Create

Here is the link to The Daily Create I did today (Jan. 23, 2015):

I’m also putting on here the video that is the idea behind today’s Daily Create so it’s easy to access:

You never think about how much your eye is really used for in day-to-day life. I like the idea behind this and got me thinking about seeing everything all day. Not only do we see things but we see each other. I’m not always as attentive as I should be to the people I pass on campus everyday, but this got me thinking more about it. I don’t know where these thoughts will take me…but it’s a start to something.

The Daily Create

Well this post was supposed to happen yesterday but there was an issue with my Sound Cloud account and I couldn’t add my recording to the group. I’ll still do three other Daily Creates just in case this isn’t acceptable. But hey, I made this so why not post it anyway.

This is a quick snippet of me yodeling. Well, attempting to yodel. Who knew it was actually very difficult and takes a lot of technique? Not me, that’s for sure. I sang the beginning of the Gwen Stefani song “Wind It Up” for my yodeling attempt. I hope you enjoy it (not because it sounds good, but because it’s hilarious). :)

Week One of DS106

Well it’s Sunday, so the first week of DS106 is officially coming to an end!

This week I learned about what noir actually is. I had always known about what characteristics classified something as “noir” but I just didn’t know it. I never knew that the specific features actually came together and had a name. I think that discovering what noir really is was the most enjoyable part of this week. Not only did I just get to learn what it was, but I was given real examples that made it very clear. I’ve always been very interested by old films and other forms of media but never set aside the time to really learn about it. Now instead of viewing the work for this course as just work that I don’t want to do, I see it more as an opportunity to learn more about something that I’ve always wanted to investigate.

However, like everything else in life, when you start learning about something new, there’s always some sort of road block that just seems too massive to ever figure out. For me this week, that was the internet. I never considered myself technology-challenged until this past Tuesday. After running in circles for about 3 hours between all of the different sites, I finally waved my white flag and went to see Professor Groom for some help. Thankfully, he’s pretty much a wizard with all of this. Now that I have a basic grip on what to do, I feel more confident for the rest of this course.

Noir Example: Carmen Jones

After thinking long and hard about what example of Noir I could use, I kept coming back to just one idea. I had the thought of the early 2000s computer game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” stuck in my head. So, naturally, I turn to Google to see if this is an idea actually worth using as an example. Flipping through a few pages of google search containing the title of the game and “noir example” or “noir characteristic,” I stumbled across the old 1954 film Carmen Jones. After reading the plot summary of the film, I became intrigued. So I took a chance, rented the movie and ended up loving it. Although this is a very recent discovery of mine, I think it’s a great example of the noir theme we are going for in this course. Here’s a very short summary (spoiler alert) and my reasoning for considering it a good example of noir:

Carmen Jones is a 1954 musical film. It is filled with infidelity, crime, running from the cops, and eventually ends in an unfortunate death for the main character, Carmen.

I believe this is an example of noir because of the production characteristics as well as other key features. Throughout the story, there is a healthy mix of doomed romance, desperate desire, strayed innocence, and cynicism. It’s set in the time period directly following World War II which makes the previous characteristics a reality for the people who were living in that time.

This film can be either rented or bought online. One of the most popular sites is below: