Week 2 Process & Final Radio Show

This week, “That Group” had to finish up our radio show. On Tuesday, we spent 5 hours in the audio studio in the ITCC… yes, I correctly typed a 5 there. We knew that this project would take a lot of time to do, but I don’t think we expected to do 5 hours consecutively. But within those 5 glorious hours, we finished pretty much all of our recordings!!
After we got all of the big recordings finished, Brian took the time to put them in order and just make a general frame for our project. The next step after that was to find where we needed better transitions, more time on certain parts, or where to add sound effects. So, we met on Thursday night and started to fill in the cracks. We got all of the additional recordings done and called it a night. Jack took the reigns on finishing up the editing. He did an awesome job finishing it up over the weekend (after spring break had already started for him…thank you!) and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it! So, without further ado… Here’s the Special Edition of Inside Talking: A Night of Noir:


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