Radio Show Listen & Tweet Along

This week I listened to the radio shows that aired Thursday night. They were “Dinner Party At 6″ and “The Noir Buzz.”

“Dinner Party At 6″
This show was based off of the idea of the game and the movie “Clue.” As soon as I figured out that it was, I was instantly excited to listen to it because Clue was one of my favorite games growing up.
This group did a phenomenal job with sounds effects and background noises. They kept a consist rain sound throughout the entire show which was impressive. Another effect that really contributed to the dinner party idea was the sound of silverware in the background while their characters were talking.
The plot built consistently and then at the end it just got really good. Although it left us on a cliffhanger, I still really loved this show…I just wanna know what happened next!!

“The Noir Buzz”
This show was a change of pace from the other shows I have heard. This group used a lot of commercials that were really well done!! The sounds were great and the context of the commercials themselves created an eerie and creepy vibe.
It was a little hard for me to follow this story, however, it built really well and finished (as always) even better.
I also really liked how this group was on the call after their show to give a bit of clarity. It’s really beneficial to hear the ideas behind it and have the professors ask some of the questions that the audience was curious about.

Overall, these were two really great shows. Good job everyone!

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