Radio Show Final Reflection

Wow is it already over? It seems like so much work was squished into so little time!

I loved doing the radio show. My group was fun, focused, and wanted to make it really good. I think it was really beneficial for us to create our group early and start collaborating on ideas right away. Even though we couldn’t all meet up, just having Landon, Jack, and I meet got the ball rolling early. Some advice to future DS106ers – check the weekly assignments on Monday! Because when you have to form a group, you’re gonna want as much time as you can get to iron everything out.

Something that was tough about this project was to find a time that was 9PM that everyone could meet up. Because we had 6 people in our group, it was tough to align our schedules. Another thing that was tough was deciding which program to do our editing in. Jack is well-versed in Audacity while Brian is an experienced GarageBand user. We ended up doing our recording and cutting in Audacity and then Brian took the reigns and finished most of the editing in GarageBand. After we got the majority of it put together, we realized we needed some better transitions. So, we recorded transitions and then Jack took the work home and finalized the project in Audacity. I’m not sure if it would’ve been easier to keep it in one program, but it ended up working out fine anyway.

One of the best parts about the radio show was finally hearing it on DS106 Radio!! I feel like that’s the “big show.” And it was really awesome to hear something that we put a lot of time into in a public place and also to see how people responded to it. I was very encouraged by the responses we got. I was afraid that our show would be dragging a little bit in the middle before things really started to heat up, but the listeners stayed with us and seemed engaged the whole time. They also seemed to really like Lena, which was cool for me! (:

Overall, this was an awesome project and it really threw us head first into some audio editing. Advice: get to it early, pick a good group, really think from beginning to end about your show idea, meet up ASAP, if you can reserve it, use the audio booth in the ITCC (it makes the sound SO much better), HAVE FUN!

One thought on “Radio Show Final Reflection”

  1. I think you all did a great job on the radio show, and I also love your continued locking into the assignments in #ds106. The radio listen-alongs have been a complete blast, and shows like yours made that the case. I have been totally blown away by the quality of student work on #ds106radio this semester, you all have been killing it!

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