DS106 Radio Listen Along

On Thursday, I listened to DS106 Radio and it was awesome! The two groups that were on were “NOIR not the father” and “NOIRTalk.”

I’ll start off with “NOIRTalk.” This show was intriguing in a totally different way. This group changed the pace of the radio shows by bringing in a different perspective and slowing it down a little bit. Not saying that their show wasn’t exciting, but it was a slow, building kind of excitement.
I was fairly thrown off during the show because I wasn’t sure what was going on, however, it all started to come together towards the end. I liked that the characters were total opposites but started to have the same mindset in the end. All of the characters developed really well even with a slower pace compared to some of the other shows. Overall, I love how this group switched it up and put together a great show!

The other show that was on Thursday night was “NOIR Not The Father.” Okay, right off the bat, this show was hilarious. It modeled a modern day Maury show and provided a lot of laughs. I loved how they incorporated the theme of noir with such a modern form of entertainment.
Something that worked really well for them was the background noises of crowds freaking out, laughing, clapping, etc. I tweeted and asked if the sounds were from an actual Maury show and I Philip (a member of the group) confirmed that they were. I really appreciate the thought and effort that this group put into their show to make it authentic but also make it 100% their own.

Overall, these were two really great radio shows and I’m so glad that I listened on Thursday night. Good job everybody!

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