Drawing Without Lifting The Pencil

Today’s Daily Create was to create a picture without lifting our pencil (as explained by the title). I thought that this would be very simple, but turned out to be a little more complicated than I thought. First off, I am not very creative when it comes to these kinds of things so it was hard to even think of what to draw. I thought of one of the photos I took for my noir safari this week and just went off of that idea. I drew a very large tree that was bare of any leaves and put it in a night time setting. I was hoping that the messy stars and moon would tie into the grittiness that typically is displayed in noir photos, but who knows if I actually achieved that in any way. Although challenging, this activity was fun!


One thought on “Drawing Without Lifting The Pencil”

  1. Love your picture. After reading your post and really examining the picture, I think I can definitely see how the moon and all of the features of the tree capture the essence of what you are going for with Noir. Well done.

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