Final Unit Decision

For the Final Unit of DS106, I decided to work in a group. I’ll be working with Scott Brinkmann! Scott and I have gotten to know each other pretty well over the past few weeks and I’m excited to do some work with him.

Although we haven’t been given a lot of information about our assignment, I’m very excited to start an agency with Scott. Between my studio, his hotel business, and both of our networks, I think we have a lot of potential to make a high-class agency. Be on the lookout for us…if you can find us.

Week 2 Video Show


Week 2 on our video and we encountered a small problem. We were supposed to shoot the video this week but none of us could meet up this week to finish the task. Weddings, work, internships, classes, and varsity sports practices all got in our way this week. Luckily for us, the kind agents (professors) gave us an extension on this project. We are filming the video tonight and will be editing it over the next few days. We already have our script ready so things should be smooth sailing from here!

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we look forward to posting our final video


The Inside Talking Team

Comments: Week 10












I made art

Today’s Daily Create was really fun! The task was to make a piece of art (dammit) with our fingerprint. I immediately thought of my childhood and how we would always do little things with our thumbprints. So, I colored my thumbs with markers and then made a caterpillar out of them.


Motivational Poster

Today’s Daily Create was to make a motivational poster. However, the words that accompanied the picture needed to be our own words. I took a picture of my team after a big win last season and added some encouraging words. There will never be an “I” in “team” and a huge win like this one really made that old saying come to life.


Week 9: Done

Week 9 was quite a week. We’re getting so close to finals and summer that it’s making me nervous.

One part of this week that’s a usual task is Daily Create. This week, we had to do 2. Here are mine:
1. tdc1165
2. tdc1166

Next up was to do a final reflection of our radio show. All in all, I loved this assignment and loved being able to listen to it live and hear listeners’ reactions. Click on this link to read my radio show final reflection.

Next up was to listen to another night of radio shows. I listened to “Dinner Party At 6″ and “Noir Buzz.” These were two really well done shows! Here’s my post about the radio show listen & tweet along.

Now, delving into video week! We had two options for these two weeks (1. do assignments from the bank, or 2. make a video show with other characters). I decided to do a video show with Landon Epperly and Jack Eaton (aka Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick and El Jota Dinero). For this first week ,we just had to write out game plan and then make a trailer for our video. Here’s our trailer:

And last but certainly not least, was the video essay. Honestly when I saw those two words together I literally cringed. “Video Essay.” Two of my least favorite things to make. So, needless to say, I wasn’t excited about this assignment…but sometimes that’s just how life works. It ended up not being as bad as I thought. After reading “How To Read A Movie” and then watching the following 3 videos, I realized how little I knew about video production and how much goes into it. Here are the 3 video I watched:



Here is my write up on my video essay:
Here’s my final video essay:

Week 10, here we come!

Video Essay

This week, our first video assignment was to make a video essay analyzing a scene from the movie we watched this week. I did my essay on a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious.”

After reading “How To Read A Movie,” I watched 3 videos explaining some more in-depth things. The three I watched were “Examples of Editing Techniques,” “Camera Angles and Techniques,” and “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis.”

I learned a lot from the article and the three videos. I discussed them in my video. Here’s the final product:

Video Show Plan

For this week and next week, Landon Epperly, Jack Eaton, and I chose to do option 2 and make a video show with our characters. We will be continuing the story that we started with our radio show. (if you haven’t listened to it, you really should…just sayin’). Here’s our radio show:

I obviously can’t tell you the exact plan we have written out because then you wouldn’t need to watch our video to find out. But I can tell you that there is one big twist that you will not see coming. Some of you that listened to our show on DS106 Radio made guesses about what’s going to happen next or why Lena married Jota and I hope that our video provides you with answers to your questions.

Landon, Jack, and I haven’t picked a day that we’re going to shoot the majority of the film yet, but we know what props we need and what kind of locations we need to utilize. Jack and I met on Saturday morning to get it all laid out and to make our trailer. Unfortunately, Landon had to make an unexpected trip home this weekend, but after Jack and I tossed some ideas around, we had a Google Hangout with Landon and included him in the process. We’re so excited for you guys to (hopefully) watch our show! Here’s the trailer: