What Did I Hear Today?

This assignment is titled “Sounds Of Your Day” and is worth 3 stars. The assignment can be found here.
I wrote this post as my character, Lena.

The first sound is of my alarm. Although it’s annoying, it gets me up and in the mindset that my day is about to start.
The next sound clip is of me brushing my teeth with my automatic toothbrush. There’s not much else to say about this besides I like to have clean teeth and I’m sure everyone around me would agree.
Then, there’s a short clip of my leaving my apartment and the door shutting behind me.
Next is the sound of me walking on the gravel to the destination where I recorded my last sound.
The last clip is of the coffee shop that I like to go to near campus, it’s called “Gimme Coffee” and it’s on North Cayuga St. I love doing homework here because the atmosphere is so home-y. Also, what better truth is there to the name…seriously, gimme coffee.

I recorded all of these sounds on my phone and then put them on my computer. I imported them to Audacity and arranged them in the order that they occurred. I did this by just using the slide tool and putting them in position. I then exported it and uploaded it onto my soundcloud account. Have a listen:

5 thoughts on “What Did I Hear Today?”

  1. I really liked this. I liked how everything flowed together nicely and sounds like it is an actually persons day and you can image what they are doing and whats around them.

  2. This is awesome! I was going to do this project too but decided against it last minute because of all the snow! Good job thought that was really cool

  3. Three things:
    1. This is awesome. I love the sounds and it’s well put together
    2. The sound of your tooth brush is a little weird. Maybe thats because I’m old fashioned and don’t use an automatic tooth brush.
    3. I wish I saw you at some point when you were making this so I could have made it in the audio!

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