Photo Reflection

I guess this is better late than never…but this was in my drafts and I just now noticed that this was never posted. Oops!

Here are the questions I had to mull over for the beginning of the week photo reflection:
Do you take a lot of photos now? What of? Do you have a particular approach to taking photos? Do you ever work to capture a particular feeling or meaning in your photos? If so, how successful do you think you are?

1. Yes
2. The most random things ever. Food, friends, a cool looking design, a sunset, a cup of coffee, a bug, literally anything you could think of.
3. I have no particular approach… Is there a right one?
4. The only feeling I’ve ever tried to capture is happiness or joy while taking a picture with a group of friends or really any group of people.
5. I’m fairly successful but the feeling that I’m trying to capture doesn’t have much to do with me as much as it does with the people in the picture.

After answering those questions, there were a bunch of different articles that had some more insight to these questions. My favorite was the first one, just because it was basic and very clear. It can be read here.

The thing that I learned most from it is to just keep my senses going at all time throughout the day and to be conscious of the things surrounding me. From something as big as a building to the smallest crack in the sidewalk, both can make for a great photograph.

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