Newspaper Blackout Poetry

For my last visual assignment of the week, I chose one called “Newspaper Blackout Poetry.” It was worth 3 points. Here’s the link to the assignment:

When I first saw this assignment, I knew I would want to complete it for this week. So, I picked up the New York Times from the lobby of my dorm. As I brought it back to my room, I realized that the print was extremely small! I went back and looked at the instructions for the assignment and thankfully saw that it was an option to make a picture out of the newspaper. Although my idea is pretty abstract, I think it could be seen in a lot of different views depending upon who is looking at it.

My original idea was to draw an arm filled with words that would tell some type of a story (kind of like a tattoo). But in this paper, there was a big article about Apple vs. Microsoft that caught my eye. There was a large chart on it that consisted of jagged lines. So, I drew the outline of an arm surrounding the blue data line. I kept one word from the title which was “Overtaking.” When I finished blocking everything else out I was very surprised to actually see something really cool. Since I had the background of knowing that this was an article about electronics and how two companies are growing and competing more than they ever have in history, my meaning behind this is probably very different than someone else’s.

I see what I created as a depiction of what is happening to our society. I see the data charts about growing electronics representing the veins in this arm. And as we all know, our veins are essential to our life. With a title like “Overtaking,” I can’t help but think that we as a society are now running off of technology like we cannot survive without it.


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