Lena The Pokemon

This assignment was titled “Pokemon Card” and it’s worth 3 stars. I completed this assignment as my character, Lena. Here’s the link to the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/pokemon-card/

When I first saw this assignment, it made me laugh a little. I remember being an avid Pokemon card collector when I was younger. I had binders full of cards and took great pride in my collection. So, why not make my own? Except I made one for my character, Lena. Here are the logistics:
Type – Grass
Serie – 1st generation
Hit points – 100 HP
Evolution – Basic
Attack 1: Mind Reading – Read your opponents next move and be able to avoid it without any damage.
Attack 2: Kindness – Kill them with kindness. Give them a compliment, a smile, or even puppy dog eyes…whatever it takes. Instantly disables all opposing attack mechanisms.
Weakness – Fighting
Resistance – Psychic
Retreat Cost – 1

I created this card using a program called http://www.mypokecard.com/en/ I got to play around with all of the different settings for my character as well as basic design. It was great to be able to personalize it and make it specific to Lena. The picture that I used for this card is a picture of a woman meditating. This is meant to depict Lena because not only does it fit the description on the card, but she also loves yoga and meditating. Here’s the final product: Pokemon Card

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