An assignment I decided to do this week was to create a hybrid animal. I decided to mix Scott’s favorite animal, a dog, my favorite animal, an elephant, and another animal that I think portrays the mixing of Scott and I’s very different personalities, a zebra. The zebra’s black and white pattern signifies just how different we are but it ties together Scott’s favorite thing and my favorite thing. Somehow, our agency just works.

I created this using a website called http://switchzoo.com/default.htm
Here’s the assignment guidelines. This assignment was a visual assignment and is worth 3 stars.

Here’s the final product:
Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.11.46 PM

7 thoughts on “ElephantZebraDog”

  1. That’s actually pretty neat looking. What a find, that site was.
    This assignment reminds me of the old children’s books that let you flip separate sections of an animal. I’m pretty sure those were meant for matching purposes, but definitely inspired some creativity, especially useful for this!
    I can’t help but think it’d be called “Zebrelephine”.
    Good work!

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