Dream Vacation: Brazil

I decided to complete this assignment because I love to travel and I love Pinterest! This assignment is called “Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!” and it’s worth 3 stars. The details of the assignment can be found here.

This was easy for me to do since I am so well-versed in Pinterest. I decided to make my dream vacation to Brazil because I’ve always heard that it’s beautiful. I think that this trip would definitely be possible for me one day. My husband, El Jota, also loves to travel and would love the nightlife that’s present in Brazil. And Brazil has everything that I love to: beaches, shopping hiking, native culture, etc.
A couple different things are required to make this become a reality. First off, is money, but that’s not really a problem for Jota and I…our last name is Dinero. Another thing necessary, however, is a passport and a visa. This isn’t a big obstacle either because I already have my passport and still have lots of time left on it. Some things that aren’t exactly required but are strongly recommended include vaccinations, knowledge of a different language, and Brazilian Real.
There are 3 recommended vaccinations. They are for Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Typhoid.
It would be very helpful to have a basic understanding of Portuguese, however, is not necessary since most of the people there have a basic understanding of English. Or it wouldn’t be very hard to find someone who did.
The Brazilian Real is their form of currency. This isn’t too complicated to get and is available at currency exchanges. It’s just a matter of getting it done.

A lot of things that I pinned have not only have amazing recommended places to go, but travel tips specifically to Brazil. This was so helpful!! I really hope that this Dream Vacation can one day become a reality.

I actually created two boards. One is specific to this Brazil trip and the other is a general travel board encompassing tips on flights, safety, packing, and how to plan.

Brazil: https://www.pinterest.com/hostlenameyers/brazil/

Travel: https://www.pinterest.com/hostlenameyers/travel/

One thought on “Dream Vacation: Brazil”

  1. Your planned trip to Brazil is to die for! I wish I had enough money to spend on a trip like that. Unfortunately I don’t have enough clients to make that kind of money yet! I really like the details of your vacation that you added to Pinterest. I felt like I was taking a visual tour of Brazil right then and there!
    Jewel out.

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