Did You Know Professor Groom Was The Bachelor?!

I decided to complete the assignment titled “Professor Groom Poster” which is worth 4 and a half stars. This is the link to the assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/professor-groom-poster/

For this assignment, I decided to put Professor Groom’s face on an ad for the popular TV show “The Bachelor.” And I must admit, the final product for this assignment was absolutely hilarious. However, getting to the end was not a breeze by any means. I am extremely inexperienced with Photoshop or really any kind of photo editing. I first began by downloading Adobe Photoshop. Once downloaded, I opened the program thinking this assignment would be simple. WRONG. I now understand why this assignment was worth 4 and a half stars besides thinking that Professor Groom just wanted his face on a bunch of TV or movie posters. Putting his face on an ad was very challenging. After spending about 45 minutes trying to figure it out myself, I eventually turned to internet tutorials to help me out. Thank God for video tutorials. Was the final product worth all of the work? You tell me…
Jim Groom The Bachelor

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