Design Blitz

This assignment was to illustrate at least four of the ten concepts of design photos that were given to us. The ten concepts given were color, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism & use of space, form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, unity. Here are my photos and my thoughts behind each one:

1. This photo was taken on campus walk right outside the Nest. I saw this photo as having elements that portrayed “color” because of the green vines coming in on the side of the photo. Another thing that was a secondary thought about this photo was form/function. Does this clock in the middle of this little courtyard area actually work and is it useful?Campus

2. The second photo I took is of an old cathedral in Philadelphia. I took this picture over Christmas break when I was visiting me sister. I think the concept of “rhythm” can be seen in this photo in two different ways. Not only is there repition that’s defining pattern on the actual Cathedral, but the ornamentation of the building also contributes to the texture of the photo. The contrasting dark lines on the building make it pretty easy to determine where one piece ends and another one starts.Philly

3. This photo is of a place called The Obici House which is located in Suffolk, VA. I visited here over Christmas break as a potential wedding venue for my sister’s upcoming wedding. When I was looking through all of my photos for this design blitz, I saw this one and thought it was a good example of “Use of Space.” I think that the plain white outside of the house is clean and simple, but the elegant yet not too ornant entry way balances the house out well. Although the entry is not minimalistic, the rest of the house is.
Obici House

4. This next photo is probably my favorite…and not just because it’s of blueberry cheesecake. Not only did I like the colors that looked very vivid, but also I thought the layers looked really cool. I saw it as an example of proportion with the layers. If there would’ve been too much of one layer it would’ve completely thrown off the dessert. And you don’t wanna mess with a dessert. Blueberry Cheesecake

5. This final photo is just a random one that I took while in a library. I loved the colors of the sunset, but it turns out that I couldn’t take a picture of it without getting that glare off of the window. Thankfully, it still ended up looking really cool! I saw this picture as an example of dominance. Since there is so much going on, I think it’s really up to the viewer to determine where the eye goes first when looking at the photo. It’s also an example of balance because the arrangement of the objects and images are so intertwined and hard to depict. Sky & Glare

One thought on “Design Blitz”

  1. Forth picture is my favorite too! It looks delicious and fit into the proportion and color! Contrast color (violet, white, and yellow) makes blueberry syrup to be more stands out! Also, rest of your photos are awesome! :)

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