Cartoon Me

This assignment I decided to complete is titled “Cartoon You” and is worth 3 and a half stars. Here’s the link to the assignment:

For this assignment, the task was basically to just make yourself into a cartoon. There were a lot of options given to us that I could use to cartoon myself. I decided to use an internet program to get the job done because I know that if I were to try to do it in Photoshop, it would result in me pulling my hair out. The website that I used to do this is It was fun to do and I spent some time messing around with the program just to see what it had to offer. Under the “Effects” category, I decided to use the effect called “Cartoonizer 1.” I then played with the color and clarity of the picture to get me final product. Overall, this was a fun little assignment that ended up not being too stressful!
Cartoon Me

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