Audio Reflection

The first thing I did was listen to and read the different examples listed. Here’s my reflection on them:

1. “Touch of Evil” opening shot. These two examples compared the effects of street sound vs theme music for the beginning of the movie. Here are the links:

(Street Sound)

(Theme Music)

For me, I personally liked the Street Sound version better because it gave the opening a little more clarity about what was going on and the sounds were tied in well with the music in the background. It made it sound like the sounds were supposed to be in the music and made the different scenes flow well. I think this is a great example of sound driving stories because all of the background sounds putting more intricacy into the pictures.

2. “Radio Noir in the USA” by Jesse Schlotterbeck. The article can be read at this link:
Something that I really liked about this article was how it clearly drew the parallels between the booming film noir industry and the mysterious and dark radio shows happening at the same time. According to the author, radio shows from the time were not considered to be part of the noir theme by many critics, but looking back on it now, they justify that it was most definitely feeding into the movement. Schlotterbeck also makes a clear difference between radio shows being strongly based off of movies and those very loosely based off of the cinema. Radio stations would often do a lot of crime dramas that had a lot of the same characteristics as typical noir stories.

I did some searching on YouTube and came across this pretty cool video:

The fact that it is titled “Top 10 Memorable Movie Sound Effects” eludes to the idea that sound alone can make something extremely memorable and significant.

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